Welcome to the Shahjalal Jame Masjid

Since the beginning Mr Muhammad Mobashir Ali, Mr Abdul Gofur (Muhid Miah), Mr Abdul Gufur, Haji Mosoddar Ali and Mr Haji Monir Uddin, kamal uddin and Abdul moddus and others have been involved in locating a suitable location for the mosque,buying the property and getting planning permission, demolishing the old site and rebuilding.

Local residents used a flat to use as a mosque back in 1976 there they wanted to have a permanent place of worship also special thanks to Our local Mp late Mr.Frank Dobson he has strongly support to the local muslim community and try to get this place from the council as a free hold.

Originally site was council flats back in 1990, members of the community wanted to have a local mosque in the area, after looking for suitable place, community approached the local council to buy the property as freehold in 1995.

After getting get the planning permission, the building was demolished and new building was established as a mosque.

Established in 1976 by the local community members namely Mr Haji Hasan shaheb, Haji Abdus Salam saheb, Mr Dilwar Husan saheb, Mr Kamal Uddin shaheb and others community members, Shahjalal Jame Masjid (Euston Mosque).

In 1993, the first committee for the Shahjalal Jame Mosque was selected by the local community members.

Chairperson was Haji Bosharat Ali, Vice President was Mr Haji Monir Uddin,secretary Mr.Somir uddin. Treasure was Mr Haji Montaz Uddin and 11 other members formed the first Mosque committee. In 1994 Mr.Mobashir Ali has selected as a General Secretary and registered the committee with the charity as Incorporated trustees. And buy the property.

1976 – Prayed in flat

1995 – Buying of the property 204A (President haji. Monir Uddin, General Secretary Mr. Mobashir Ali, Haji Kamal Uddin + 12 other members) all of them were founder members for the mosque.

1998 – Building Demolished and new mosque build, since then every 2 years, local residents/members vote to elect new committee members.

The mosque has been mainly running by the local public donation, (Charity Registered). Also all others muslim events are time to time running in the worship accordingly.


Local residents involved in this project since the beginning are: from 1976 to present.

  • Mobashir Ali
  • Kamal Uddin
  • Mr Abdul Gofur (Muhid Miah)
  • Haji.Mosoddar Ali
  • Mr Abdul Gufur
  • Haji Monir Uddin (late)
  • Haji Shundur Miah
  • Haji Kolondur Ali (Late)
  • Shamsuddin Shamim
  • Mohammed Salique
  • Mr. Mujibur Rahman
  • Mr.Shahab uddin
  • Mr Shjjadur Rahman (Late)
  • Mr Abdus Salam
  • Haji Tosir Ali
  • Mr. Showkoth Ali
  • Haji Tonjob Ali (Late)
  • Haji Abdul Moddus (Late)
  • Haji Montaz Uddin (Late)
  • Mr. Syed Juron Ali (late)
  • Mr. Saley Ahmed khan
  • Haji Tomiz Ullah ( Late)
  • Haji Wasil Miah
  • Haji Arjod Miah (late)
  • Haji Aeen Ullah (late)
  • Mr. Hashmoth Ali
  • Dr. Afzal hussain
  • Haji Kaptan Miah (late)
  • Haji Syed Ali (late)
  • Mr. Nurul Huda
  • Haji Montaj Uddin (late)
  • Mr. Shahid Ansari
  • Haji (Kari) Yousuf Miah (late)
  • Istiak Ahmed Chowdhury
  • Haji Monojir Ahmed (late)
  • Haji Mahmud Miah
  • Haji Siddique Ali
  • Mr. Foyzul Haque
  • Haji Yeawor Miah
  • Mr. Tuahid Miah
  • Mr. Motin Miah (late)
  • Mr. Johir Uddin
  • Mr. Anhar Miah
  • Haji Addul Gafur (Late)
  • Haji Idris Miah (Late)
  • Haji Tara Miah (Late)
  • Mr Somir Uddin
  • Haji Idris Miah (late)
  • Haji Shiraj Miah (Late)
  • Haji Toyub Miah (Late)
  • Haji Mehrab Ullah (Late)
  • Haji Shofique ullah (Late)
  • Mr Abul Quddus (Kalam)
  • Mr Frank Dobson (MP)(late)

Local muslim community are still helping and supporting to all occasions. And many more was involved to buy the property as freehold to be a mosque.

Since established the mosque Various Islamic Events are held In mosque every time.

All members of the communities who have sadly passed away. Who were involved in establishing a place of worship for the local Muslim community, May Allah (Swt) accept their hard work and dedication and grant them highest of Janah.

“And Allah Invites TO The Home OF PEACE”

Surah Yunus, Verse 25

Md. Mobashir Ali


Shah Shoeb Uddin

General Secretary

Istiak Ahmed Chowdhury


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